Booking our Authors

We write a variety of books including novels, children’s picture books and novellas, short stories, writing workbooks, autobiographies, and other non-fiction, and our many of our authors are available to talk about writing and their books and some can be booked to hold workshops at your events.

You can book us individually or as a group (numbers dependent upon your location and availability of our authors for the date you require)…usually just for expenses and free for groups providing we can bring our books for sale. Workshops may carry a fee.

  • Dennis Carey has published two historical novels (talks)
  • Gareth Ogden has published a novel (talks)
  • Geoffrey Iley has published an action thriller novel and WW2 memoir (talks)
  • Joy Burnett has published a racy romance novel, collection of short stories and non-fiction book (talks)
  • Julia Thorley has published fiction and non-fiction (talks / workshops)
  • Justin Davis has published a children’s novel (talks)
  • Michael J Richards has published a comic horror novel and contributed to / edited short story collections (talks / workshops)
  • Monica Withrington has published two children’s novels (talks)
  • Morgen Bailey has published a women’s fiction novel (set in Northampton!), two crime novels, short story collections, writing workbooks / guides, an editing guide for fiction writers (talks / workshops)
  • Nick Hamlyn has published a music-related novel and collection of short stories (talk)
  • Pat Jones has published a West Africa novel, themed Welsh novel set on a bus, and a collection of children’s stories and poems (talks)
  • Peter Norris has published a 1950s African novel (talks)
  • Rosemary Sturge has published three historical novels set in Italy, Yorkshire and Holland (talk)
  • Stephen Collier has published a crime novel (talks)
  • Stephanie Awbery has published two children’s picture books (talks)

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