Stephanie Awbery

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Stephanie bookA gentle caring book about a boy, Bertie, who’s Daddy dies from Cancer.This book is for use by a Parent, Grandparent, Teacher or Counsellor or anyone who is caring for a child during a difficult time.

This book is not intended for a child to read alone, but in a loving nurturing environment to enable the child to share their thoughts and feelings about their loss.


Stephanie book 2Rachel and Blossom are the best of friends. They do everything together, but Blossom is popular and has lots of friends, while Rachel is quiet and has only Blossom.
While Blossom loves school, Rachel hates it!

Rachel is quiet and struggles to make friends, and although she really wants to be just like Blossom, after several attempts to join in with the others at school, she realises she never seems to fit in.

Then, to make matters worse, Rachel has to deal with the school bully!

Rachel’s school has lots of good ideas of how to deal with bullies – using the buddy bench, being the playground buddy monitor, sticking to the school motto, but they just don’t seem to work for Rachel.

In this book, Rachel begins another day at school, and as usual, she isn’t looking forward to going – that is, until something strange happens and Rachel starts looking in places she shouldn’t.
Nothing seems to work with Rachel’s bully, until someone she least expects comes to the rescue.
Suddenly, school doesn’t seem so bad after all!


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