Rebecca Wigston

Rebecca, known by many as Becky, has grown up in Northamptonshire all of her life. 

Being dyslexic and struggling with reading throughout her childhood, she has been inspired to encourage children to want to read.  Becky’s first novel, Tommy Wallis, The Knight of the Hollows, was released in January and available on amazon.

Becky is not only an author she is also an infant school teacher and has taught at a Northamptonshire Infant school for the past 15 years.  She is very passionate in supporting children to strive and become the best they can.

Becky can be contacted via, and you could always email her via the email address


Tommy is a normal boy, living a normal life, until he is ‘called’.

Along with his friend Lola, they travel to a distant land using a mirror which has ‘called’ generations of his family, including his missing father, to become the Knight of Hunsbury Hollow.

It is a kingdom of elves ruled by the weakening King Arrand and protected by a fierce dragon called Mercey.

Together they are sent on a quest to defeat the Garracks, the creatures surrounding Hunsbury Hollow, and bring Prince Lorry back to the kingdom to reign as king.

But what Tommy finds out along the way will change him forever