Julia Thorley

Julia’s background is firmly in non-fiction, in which field she has worked for many moons, first as in-house editor for various publishers and more recently as a freelance.

Having worked on hundreds of books on topics ranging from motor racing to dog training, cookery to philosophy, Julia continues to prepare copy for non-fiction publications on anything and everything, including international banking, fitted kitchens and military aircraft.

However, even while writing articles on lorry drivers with back ache and how to grow rhubarb, Julia has also written short fiction, and she has had some modest success in competitions and a couple of lucky breaks in the women’s magazine market. Julia’s even writing poetry, albeit tentatively.

With six books conventionally published and a self-published non-fiction eBook, Julia has self-published her first fiction collection, called Nine Lives: Monologues and First-person Stories for Reading Aloud (details below). Julia says, “As part of promotion for this new book, I have done some public readings and found that I rather enjoy it, so would welcome the opportunity to do more of this.”

Julia can be contacted by email (julia.thorley@googlemail.com) or through her website (www.juliathorley.com) or Facebook page (@JuliaThorleyAuthor). She also writes a blog called ‘Life, yoga and other adventures’ (https://juliathorley.blogspot.co.uk), on which comments are always welcome.


Meet the cast:

  • a no-nonsense woman in her 60s who has a brush with authority;
  • a down-at-heel private eye;
  • a weary young mother from times past;
  • a Victorian businessman afraid of progress;
  • an Edwardian woman with her heart set on romance;
  • a young man struggling with life;
  • a teenage girl badly let down;
  • a very special make-up artist;
  • and a young mum who gets the last laugh.

Each has a story to tell.

Nine Lives is available from Amazon as an ebook for just 99p, or in paperback from Julia for £5 +p&p.