Jon Mackley

Jon Mackley 2Jon Mackley is author of several novels including The Gawain Legacy, Cthulhu Rising, Crossing the Threshold and Twisting Fate’s Arm.

He has an MA in Late Medieval Studies and a PhD specialising in Anglo-Norman Literature, both from the University of York.

Jon - Brendan thumbHe is a Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at the University of Northampton where he is also Programme Leader for English, as well as anAssistant Adjunct Professor in Literature at Richmond University, The American International University in London.

Jon’s Academic publications include The Legend of St Brendan, facing page translations of the Anglo-Norman versions of the Voyage of St Brendan and the Legend of Albina, as well as articles on contemporary fantasy and horror literature, Gothic and Medieval Literature, and English mythology.

He is currently working on an edition of a Penny Dreadful serial novel.

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Jon - Cthulhu thumbCthulhu Rising

A journey across the volcanic landscape of Hawaii leads to the discovery of the location of an ancient city believed to have once been the focus of great power. But this city is just one stepping stone in uncovering the arcane secrets behind the source of these legends and only one man can face the primordial malevolence rising off Hawaii’s shores.


Jon - Gawain smallThe
Gawain Legacy

Fleeing a loveless marriage, Lara finds herself in the company of Will who is also running from his past. Will claims to have found the beginning of a trail of clues in a stolen medieval manuscript of Gawain and the Green Knight. Travelling with him to Chester to begin deciphering the clues, Lara realises that Will has attracted the attention of enemies who seem capable of anticipating their every move. Lara’s only hope is to find what lies at the end of the trail. But Lara discovers she has made some powerful enemies of her own with a hidden agenda…


Crossing the Threshold

Jon - Crossing thumbFleeing the intensity of city life, Paul Taylor moves to the secluded village of Altston. As he tries to settle into rural life, he is disturbed by conflicting dreams of his last months in the city: one that he is certain never happened; the other is too terrible to contemplate. Paul also learns of the legends surrounding his property, particularly one of a twisted oak tree where the devil was once said to be trapped. Paul initially dismisses these, but soon experiences unexplainable events. However, when one of the villagers is attacked, Paul is named as perpetrator and begins to uncover Altston’s chilling secrets in order to clear his name. Rushing towards a terrifying showdown, Paul realises there is much more at stake than he could possibly imagine.


Twisting Fate’s Arm

Jon - Fate thumbColin Jones is a man with a past. Memories of his relationship with Anita, a married woman, from a decde before, are rekindled by her son, Jamie.

When Jamie pleads with Colin to return with him to help his mother, Colin remembers Anita’s apparent gift of talking to the dead and how people from Colin’s own past had become a very real presence. However, Colin also believes that he and Anita knew each other in a past life a century before. Ernest Forsythe was a reporter, actor and eventually a soldier; Angela Montague was a wide-eyed girl with the love of the theatre and initially an exponent of the propaganda of war. And Angela knows more about Ernest’s past than he is comfortable with: even ghosts can be haunted.

Assisted by his concerned secretary and an old friend from his youth, Colin begins to confront his ghosts, both literal and metaphorical. However, one-by-one the ‘players’ from the past are being brought together, and there are those who have their own reasons for ensuring that previous events are retold.