Graham Sloper

Graham began writing at the age of sixty-three and has written over a hundred short stories and poems since then, covering a wide range of subjects.

He describes taking up writing as one of the most satisfying turns his life has taken.

Based in Northamptonshire, Graham is the chair of the Northampton Writers Group and a member of the Rugby University of the Third Age creative writing group.

Graham’s first book is ‘Following David’, collection of one contemporary British novella and 15 shorter stories.

‘Following David’ is available as an eBook (from Amazon and Smashwords) and as a paperback (from Amazon or in person… when he could sign it for you!).

You can contact Graham via or directly via


Following David – a contemporary British novella – tells the story of Matthew Lockwood, a gentle and diligent man, who is about to retire from his job as a housemaster at a small public school, when he is contacted by an old school friend desperate for his help.

What unfolds is a story about the ferocity that children can unleash on each other and the tragic consequences that can follow. But it is also about friendship and love, and whether it is possible to reconcile tragic events over fifty years later.

The fifteen short stories that accompany Following David take the reader on a journey from Hollywood to Stalingrad via Africa, France, Scotland and Cornwall, giving a fascinating insight into a range of characters and situations that are tragic, funny and poignant.