Living and learning at the Umbrella Fair…

So it’s now nearly a week since the Umbrella Fair and the dust has settled. We sold forty books between us which is more than some of us expected and less than others hoped, but everyone sold something so we’re chuffed.

What we learned was that we wouldn’t do open air events again where we have to book in advance. This weekend (20-21 August) was one of the wettest and windiest of the year so we spent much of the time trying to stop the gazebo from either flying away or ripping, or both. We failed, and the gazebo was too damaged to use on the Sunday so we blagged space in a neighbouring tent which was great except that we shared with a donated book stall so this, and the weather, meant we could have done better. We were also placed opposite a rock music tent which proved too loud at times, to the point where those browsing left after a few seconds.

Still, it was fun, we were all thrilled when asked to sign our books and that people we don’t know will be reading what we have put many hours into.

The pictures below show Christine… Joy, Morgen and Ryta… Heather (mentioned in Morgen’s chick lit novel The Serial Dater’s Shopping List) and Morgen, and our ‘blagged’ tent.

Christine small  Joy Morgen Ryta small

Heather Morgen small  Tent small

  1. Christine Anne Cole says:

    For a first event of the combined forces of our new organisation, it was a highly creditable effort! Well done to all those who did the most ( we all know who they were) and commiserations to Joy over the Gazebo. Now we know why it is called the Umbrella Fair! Personally I learned a few tips about selling from Mike – obviously giving a little bit of yourself comes into it!

  2. Well I think you have said it all. It was indeed a learning curve for us all. One or two points will be raised this evening but I think considering the days we did well. Western Favell library next, very different as we will have hundreds of shoppers passing by us and hopefully stopping to see what we are doing. On tonights agenda. Please bring your diaries.

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